Nature and Science Society was established in 2015. The principal of Nature and Science Society is to provide scientific, constructive and on-site solutions for nature problems. Our aim is to gather young people and adults to have the consciousness of protecting nature and do scientific research on marine and land biodiversity, climate change at national and international levels. We reach national and international communities with our representatives, members, volunteers, and supporters in order to cooperate for conserving  nature and the environment at the national and international levels. The center of the Society is in Iskenderun-Hatay province.


Mankind respects all beings and the ecological integrity; reaching a world at which the well-being exists in knowing the influence of human lifestyle on nature, and human adopts a lifestyle that does not require conservation of nature.


By taking nature and human as a whole, we labor to conserve marine and land biodiversity and their sustainability and also research on mitigating climate change effects on nature for transferring nature without disturbance to future generations.